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Gillan Creek and Helford River

Just a quick update

March 1, 2021 0

Well what a year this has been! We, like many of us, have had to put lots of plans on the back burner for the […]

Walking Posts

  • To Walk or not To Walk – that is the question!
    Because of the lockdown, I got the impression that going for a walk was ok as long as it’s near your home. However, I recently found out that it’s ok to drive into the countryside to go for a walk as long as you spend more time walking than driving. The average stretch of each walk is […]
  • Covid 19! What shall we do if we can’t go walkabout?
    So we’re doing as we’re told and staying at home. We can go for a walk, but we’re even told that we’re not allowed to drive somewhere first so that we can find somewhere new to walk! Well that’s scuppered my Leicestershire Round Pub Walks for a few weeks at least so […]


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