Dad Goes Walkabout is an information source and social club for people who love to explore the countryside.

Get out more… Get more out… of Life!

One of my newest mottos is “Get out more… and get more out… of life”. As you’re reading this page I’m guessing that you understand that sentiment already.

Picture of a country lane near Tre'r Ddol, Machynlleth, Powys
A beautiful country lane near Tre’r Ddol, Machynlleth. Great photo – but you can’t beat actually being there!

The UK is a huge country in a massive continent in an extraordinary planet. Why spend your life in front of a TV in your living room watching the least boring thing you can find? Ok – so some TV is great when you need to relax and be ‘entertained’. But just watching other people enjoying (or hating) their exceptional lives must have its limits.

I started Dad Goes Walkabout to help inspire others to enjoy and love the outdoors the way I do. The scenery, the fresh air, the climb, the descent, the sound of running streams, the wildlife,… And the list goes on. I can enjoy some of this from my living room. But it will never compare with the real feeling of standing on top of Snowdon on a glorious sunny day.

New Website

The Dad Goes Walkabout website is the newest tool in my mission to get more poeple out and about walking our hills, vales, lanes and coastal paths. And I don’t just love to walk; I love to cycle the countryside too. You can cover so much more ground on wheels rather than legs; you can visit more distant places without polluting the atmosphere with car fumes too. So, when you think of Dad Goes Walkabout please remember that Dad Goes Cycling too!

Dad goes walkabout with some of my family at the start of a South West Coast Path Journey. I'm the one with the Captain Birdseye beard!
Selfie with the family before setting off on the third stretch of the South West Coast Path. Notice the wearing of more hair on the face to make up for the lack on top.
Chilling on my hotel balcony just outside Paris
Enjoying some sunshine and scenery from our hotel near Paris

Aims of this Website

My intention for this website is simply to promote the great outdoors and encourage everyone to spend more time out and about in the beautiful countryside. I will be building a portfolio of short outings, long outings, epic treks and holidays. I’ll also publish details of some of walks that i’m planning and you will be welcome to join me for any part of any trek.

A nice sunny morning as we embark on another South West Coast Path journey. Another Dad Goes Walkabout outing
A glorious day on the South West Coast Path

Are you an experienced walker already? If so, I am also looking for contributors to help build that portfolio of walks and rides. Perhaps you’re already as keen as I am on the ideas here. If you have documented your previous outings, why not send them to me and I’ll publish them along with my own – accredited to you of course.

Why ‘Dad Goes Walkabout’?

Some years ago in my younger (and more hedonistic) days, I used to organise outings for my family, work colleagues and mates. The outings ranged from nights out on the town to UK and European weekends away. The latter often turned out to be quite ‘laddish’.

I was a few years older than many of my co-adventurers and they seemed always to look up to me in admiration and gratitude for my efforts. After the first weekend outing, they nicknamed me ‘Dad’ affectionately (I think). Future events became branded as ‘Dad Goes Walkabout in …’

Dad goes walkabout with some lads from work. Enjoying a drink in a bar in Amsterdam
Workmates on a laddish weekend in Amsterdam. Just chilling before the night really starts.
Dad Goes Walkabout and Quad biking in the Welsh hills
Quad biking in the Welsh Hill near Machynlleth

Having matured and settled somewhat, I find myself more inspired by less mischievous adventures these days. So today’s outings may be a little more laid back. However, even in my 60’s I’m not afraid to let my hair down when the company is good and the ale is flowing.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this short bio for the site. But even more so, I hope you’ll get in touch and join me on one of the many outings I’m planning.

Kindest Regards



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