Dad Goes Walkabout for Charity – Update

So I finished “The Path” and today I will take my 900,000th step in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

Yes it’s true! I started in Minehead 9 years ago with a short stretch of around 34 miles. I started with a “taster” to see whether or not I would enjoy it. I was well and truly hooked and set out to complete the whole 630 miles doing several days of walking each year. The distances varied but I think I probably averaged 12-14 miles a day overall. An then, of course, there was Covid. In 2020 I’d planned and booked for two outings to Cornwall for walks but alas they had to be cancelled. However, I was lucky enough to find a short window of opportunity that allowed me to progress with another week of walking.

For this year, I decided to complete the last two (or three) stretches in one go: Over 154 miles in total, walking from Dartford to South Haven Point.

So my trip ends in Dorset but the walking goes on. I’m still campaigning for new donations while I start to collect the existing pledges. So don’t worry – you still have time to donate if you wish.

I will get around to writing up each day’s trek when I get home, but for now, here’s a summary of how I’ve go on at the end of “The Path”. I’ll update this daily (or at least every couple of days).

Stepping Up for Dementia

At the same time (and still continuing) I am stepping up for Dementia by pledging to walk 900,000 steps in three months (May, June, July). There’s a reason for the number: it’s to draw attention to the fact that there are over 900,000 people living with dementia today and that figure is rising! It is a terrible disease in the way that it takes our loved ones away from us way too early in life. Sufferers can find it difficult to hold coherent conversations; they can become very forgetful and disorganised; their mobility can be very adversely affected and they may struggle with simple tasks like dressing, eating, or personal hygiene.

My older sister, Janice, is affected and has been living with the illness for 3 or 4 years. She’s now in need of full-time care in a residential nursing home. Sadly, this disease will eventually take her life either directly or indirectly.

The Alzheimer’s Society invests heavily in reasearch for dementia care and treatments. They’re also there to help support and advise the families of those affected. It can be extremely difficult coping with a close relative who has the disease and the Society does a wonderful job of helping to make that task easier so that sufferers can stay at home for longer.


Totals so far – Steps: 893910; Miles: 232; Elevation Climbed: 26,808 ft

Total money raised so far (including pledges and gift aid):
Alzheimer’s Society: £1303.75
Cancer Research: £682.50

DateStart PointFinish PointSteps*Miles*Elevation*
May 25thSwanageSouth Haven Point24,0078.21710
May 24thWorth MatraversSwanage35,29412.371,240
May 23rdCastletown, PortlandCastletown Portland35,69711.60860
May 22ndWeymouth Lulworth Cove35,85913.012,177
May 21stLulworth CoveWorth Matravers46,02815.913,256
May 20thChickerellWeymouth27,0299.242,177
May 19th6,080
May 18thBurton BradstockChickerell40,94215.63910
May 17thCharmouthBurton Bradstock33,33910.942406
May 16thSeatonCharmouth36,78514.011917
May 15thSidmouthSeaton34,30811.612,275
May 14thOttertonSidmouth26,0907.81742
May 13thExmouthOtterton35,64212.951,226
May 12thBabbacombeExmouth39,82515.422,053
May 11thBrixhamBabbacombe44,64116.692,217
May 10thDartmouthBrixham35,52812.022,567
May 9thBroughton AstleyCircular14,1933.0576
May 8th7,680
May 7th11,671
May 6th7,459
May 5th7,665
May 4thFleckneyCircular15,8635.09256
May 3rdFoxton LocksCircular16,0245.14108
May 2ndFleckneyCircular19,8317.47415
May 1st10,317
* Miles and Elevation are only recorded on actual walks and hikes; the step count is the total step count for the whole day including any walking/activities.

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