Walk 100 Miles in May for Cancer Research

Just over a week to go and I’ll start totting up the miles to see how many I can notch up in the month of May. Of course 100 miles is many to lots of people but for regular walkers it may not seem such a challenge. So, of course, I like a challenge and I’ll be aiming for 200 miles as a personal goal.

In fact, if I’m successful in my mission to complete “The Path” then I’ll notch up 154 for sure.

Can you help?

The simple answer is YES – of course you can!

  • DONATE – it might seem obvious, but it’s also simple. Click the image below, visit my fundraising page, hit DONATE and follow instructions.
  • SHARE – Maybe not so obvious, but just as important. Please share my page with everyone you can and in every way you know how. Perhaps add a line about how wonderful I am and how important it is that they donate.
  • JOIN IN – Join the Dad Goes Walkabout Team and help by raising funds and spreading the word. I’ll even let you share in the success story.
Click here to view my Cancer Research Giving Page or to donate
Please CLICK the image to view my giving page and/or to donate.

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