Dad Goes Walkabout for Charity

Just under a week to go and I’ll start totting up the steps and miles to see how many I can notch up in the next few months. While doing so, I’m hoping to raise funds for two very important charities both of which are very close to my heart.

Cancer Research and Alzheimer’s Society

I’ll spare you all the difficult details on this page save to say that I have shed more than just a few tears over these two devastating illnesses. Both diseases are adversely affecting the lives of millions of people and the charities need every penny of support to develop cures, treatments and support facilities for those affected. There is more of my story on my fund raising pages should you wish to visit.

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Why Two Charities?

I always struggle with difficult choices and both these charities means so much to me that I can’t choose one over the other. But also, supporting two charities gives you a choice of which one you help me with. Maybe you have been, or are currently, affected by one more than the other. So it’s up to you to choose – of course, you can easily support both if that suits you.

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The Details

Cancer Research – Walk 100 Miles in May

For this charity I’ve signed up to the walk 100 miles in May campaign. Of course, for many people 100 miles in a month would seem ominous while regular walkers might not be so impressed. As someone who likes to challenge myself, I shall endeavour to walk 200 miles in May. For clarity, I’ll only be counting my ‘organised’ outdoor walks and not all my steps. Most of the miles will be clocked up along the South West Coast Path in my other challenge to finish “The Path” this year. This itself will be in excess of 160 miles. The remainder will be achieved by any other walking I can fit in during the rest of May; at a guess I’ll need to walk at least 4 miles a day on the other days to notch up 200 miles.

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Alzheimer’s Society – 900,000 Steps in Three Months

For the Alzheimer’s Society, I’ve signed up to the 900k steps in 3 months – part of the step up for Dementia campaign. There is a reason for 900k – as there are currently over 900,000 people suffering from dementia at present, a number that is rising way too quickly! And this campaign aims to draw attention to that staggering number and raise the much needed funds to help develop cures and treatments for the illness.

For this challenge I’ll be counting every step that I take from May the first. Once again though, I enjoy the challenge and I won’t stop counting when I get to the 900k; no, I think I’ll make it my challenge to see how many steps I can make in the three months from 1st May to 31st July.

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How Can You help?

Again, the choice is yours:

  • DONATE – it might seem obvious, but it’s also simple. Click the images below, visit one or both of my fundraising pages, hit DONATE and follow instructions.
  • SHARE – Maybe not so obvious, but just as important. Please share my page with everyone you can and in every way you know how. Perhaps add a line about how wonderful I am and how important it is that they donate.
  • JOIN IN – Join the Dad Goes Walkabout Team and help by raising funds and spreading the word. I’ll even let you share in the success story.
Click here to view my Cancer Research Giving Page or to donate
Please CLICK the image to donate to Cancer Research.
Please CLICK the image to donate to Alzheimer’s Society

If you’ve read this far then I must thank you sincerely for your interest alone. If you’ve made a donation then you have my deepest gratitude and I thank you on behalf of whichever charities you chose to support. If you haven’t yet donated, that’s ok, but please here one last call to either donate or, at the very least, to share this page with your family and friends.

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