South West Coast Path Part 9 – Finishing the Path!

A picture of Kingswear from across the River Dart near Dartmouth
Kingswear, the start point for this year's trek along the South West Coast Path

Yes it’s true! This year, I’m planning to finish the epic trek from Minehead to Poole – the final stage of the 630 mile journey along The South West Coast Path.

I finished up in Dartmouth last May so this year I’ll be starting in Kingswear (across the river from Dartmouth) and walking 154 miles to Poole in Dorset. And to make it a little more interesting – I’ll put some pressure on myself to complete it by walking for charity too.

The Rough Plan

As always, my only plan is to enjoy the walk – it is a walk and not a competition. So I’ll be allowing plenty of time on each day. I’ll be heading down to Dartmouth on May 10th and will reach Poole on or around May 27th. I’m having a few problems with my knees just lately so I’m making sure there’s a couple of days without walking to give them a rest if needed. So here’s what the plan will probably look like.

  • Wednesday 10th May – Travel to Dartmouth
  • Thursday 11th May – Dartmouth to Brixham (11 miles)
  • Friday 12th May – Brixham to Babbacombe (11 miles)
  • Saturday 13th May – Babbacombe to Exmouth (16 miles)
  • Sunday 14th May – Exmouth to Sidmouth (13 miles)
  • Monday 15th May – Resting (Time to reminisce about my visit to Sidmouth 40+ years ago)
  • Tuesday 16h May – Sidmouth to Seaton (11 miles)
  • Wednesday 17th May – Seaton to Seatown (14 miles)
  • Thursday 18th May – Abbotsbury to Ferry Bridge (Wyke Regis) (11 miles)
  • Friday 19th May – Resting
  • Saturday 20th May – Ferrybridge around Isle of Portland (13 miles)
  • Sunday 21st May – Ferrybridge to Lulworth (14 miles)
  • Monday 22nd May – Lulworth to Worth Matravers (through Lulworth Ranges) (14 miles)
  • Tuesday 23rd May – Worth Matravers to South Haven Point (14 miles)
  • Wednesday 24th May – Resting
  • Thursday 25th May – Alternative route between West Bexington and Osmington along the South Dorset Ridgeway (17 miles) – Just because it’s a really great walk and I have some time left over (maybe!)
  • Friday 26th May – Resting
  • Saturday 27th May – Returning home

As always, if you just happen to be in the area and fancy meeting up, just get in touch and we’ll work something out.

The Charity Info

I felt it appropriate to celebrate finishing the path by also raising some money for two very worthwhile charities. I’ve picked these particular charities for very personal reasons. I’m not going to elaborate here, but if you click through to the Giving Pages below, you’ll find more information about my motivation on there.

It just so happens that these two important charities have fundraising events that coincide and complement my walk. So if you had to choose which of two charities which would it be?

Alzheimer’s Society – Step Up for Dementia

For this charity, I’m pledging to walk 900,000 steps in three months – an average of at least 10,000 steps a day! Not much of a challenge really because I probably get close most days without trying. However, doing so every day for 90 days is no mean feat! If you’re not impressed that’s ok – but then how about joining me instead of donating?

And, in case your wondering, yes there is a reason for 900,000 steps (rather than a million for example). It’s to draw attention to the fact that there are currently over 900,000 people affected by Dementia in the UK. A scary number and, I know from personal experience, a scary illness.

Cancer Research – Walk 100 Miles in May

Having lost three very close family members to cancer, this charity is always at the forefront of my mind. My mission to finish the path means that I’ll actually be walking well over 150 miles in fact, so it kind of makes sense to help raise funds for such an important and worthwhile charity.

Effectively, I’m doing both challenges concurrently and the only reason for this is to give my well-wishers a choice of which cause they feel they’d most like to support.

Charity Donations

If you’d like to find out more about the charities I’m supporting, please take a look at the following.

And, of course, if you’d like to make a donation, I’d be exceptionally grateful. Just click on the one you wish to support.

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  1. Well I’m off! A few amendments needed to the above but I won’t be updating the ‘plan’ now as it’s only a guess at what will happen anyway. If you are in the South West and fancy meeting up, please get in touch with me through the contact page and I’ll let you know my itinerary.

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