Finishing the Leicestershire Round

Map of Leicestershire Round
Map of the Leicestershire Round Route

Hi All,  I’m sorry that I’ve been rather quiet on here lately, but covid 19, work, holidays and quarantine have been making things rather difficult to get out and be my usual self.

However, I’m back and about to continue my mission to complete the Leicestershire Round this year.  As you know, I was planning to do so in a series of pub walks; sadly this is unlikely to happen within this year. So I’ve decided to complete the round this next weekend with a three day hike of just under 50 miles.

Day 1 – Sunday 18th October – I’ll be picking up from Gaddesby where I left off in August. My target for the day is Belton-in-Rutland where I’ll be staying overnight courtesy of AirBnB.  

Day 2 – Monday 19th October – I’ll set off through Hallaton, Glooston, the Langtons and Foxton to Saddington where I’ll rest for another night.

Day 3 – I will complete the round by walking the last 11 or so miles through Bruntingthorpe, Peatling Magna, Willoughby, Dunton Basset and finishing at Leire where I started the round in February.

As always, you’ll be more than welcome to join me for any part of the trek or even the full three days (social distancing of course). Just message me and I’ll get in touch to make the necessary arrangements.

Cheers for now


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