Leicestershire Round in Pub Walks Day 1 – The White Horse, Broughton Astley

Me at the start of my Leicestershire Round in Pub Walks mission. Outside the White Horse Broughton Astley

The White Horse, Broughton Astley

This is the first in a series of circular pub walks each one covering a new stretch of the Leicestershire Round – a 100 mile circuit of the Leicestershire countryside. Today’s circular pub walk is at The White Horse, Broughton Astley


As I live quite near the ‘Round’, I started with a walk from the White Horse in Broughton Astley. The total walk was about 14 miles with an refreshment stop in Sharnford. I’d booked a table at the White Horse for 4pm as I knew we’d be ready for some well-earned pub grub.

The route took me through a local housing estate and across fields to Leire where I picked up the ‘Round’. We then head on through Frolesworth and Claybrooke Magna where the ‘Round’ joins the Fosse way for about a mile. Onward through Fosse Meadows to Sharnford where we paused for a while at the Bricklayers Arms – one of two ‘watering holes’ in the village. So far we’d covered about 10 miles of the 14 mile route.

Refreshed and revived we pushed on across more fields and back to the White Horse. By this time we were certainly looking forward to our meal.

Why Not Join Me

All of my walks are open to anyone to join me for any part or the whole gig. Just message me beforehand to let me know you’re coming in case my plans change at all. Even if you don’t fancy walking you can join me at one of the stops to enjoy a drink, snack, meal or all three! 🙂

Check out my upcoming walks to find details of other walks I’m planning soon.

For more information on the venue visit The White Horse, Broughton Astley Website

The Route in Detail

  • If you would like to follow this route yourself, here are the directions
  • Leave the car park and turn left and left again before the church.
    Follow the road to bearing left and then right to take an alleyway through to Old Mill Road.
  • As you exit the alleyway, continue straight for about 100 yds until the road takes a sharp turn to the left. At that point turn right and enter a public open space. Follow the footpath and continue round Style Close to the end and turn left onto The Fieldway and then right onto Byre Crescent.
  • Continue on the footpath until you reach the shops and turn right onto Devitt Way after 250 yards turn left onto Machin drive and turn immediately right along a footpath.
  • At the end of the footpath cross the road and take the footpath signposted to leire. Cross over an old railway bridge and enter the field at the top. Head straight on to the top of the hill and turn right following public footpath signs.
  • Continue in a straight line through two gates into the next field and continue straight on until you start to go downhill then turn left and bear right to exit the field.
  • At this point you are joining the Leicestershire Round leisure route.
  • Turn right and follow the lane all the way to the end where you’ll enter the village of Leire. Turn left along Main Street and after 300 yds turn right into Back Lane.
  • As the road turns right, you’ll bear left into a car park and look for the footpath signs which are now slightly to your right.
  • Carry straight on following footpath signs through two fields and then you’ll bear left following footpath signs until you reach Leire Road.
  • Turn right onto the road and continue straight on into Frolesworth village.
  • Carry straight on past a staggered crossroads until you pass a church on your left. A little further on and before the road takes a sharp right turn, you’ll turn left into a field following footpath signs.
  • Carry straight on following footpath signs through several fields until you get to Hill Farm; here, the signs are a little confusing but you’ll bear slightly left to keep the fence on your right as you go down hill. Then you’ll turn slightly right to pick up clearer footpath signs again. Sticking to footpaths as directed, you’ll continue on crossing over Frolesworth Lane into another field and then turn right towards Claybrooke Magna.
  • You’ll then leave the field into a housing estate, continue straight on and look for the footpath sign on your left in about 50 yds.
  • Continue on the footpath through 3 fields until you reach the road at Claybrooke Parva.
  • Turn right onto the road for just a few yards, just after the next left turn, and before the righthand bend, you’ll bear left by the side of the school and follow the footpath sign into some more fields.
  • Continue through several more fields until you reach the road again at High Cross.
  • Almost as soon as you enter the road, you’ll take the right fork and then turn right onto the marked footpath – this is part of the Fosse Way Romand road. Head straight up this road for almost 1 1/2 miles and you’ll see a footpath sign on your left. Enter the field and follow the signs into the next field and onto a farm track.
  • Turn left onto the farm track for a short while before turning right following the footpath signs. Continue to follow footpath signs all the way to Sharnford.
  • As you reach the main road, turn left and the coffee stop at the Bricklayers is just a hundred yards away.
  • After ‘coffee’ (or something stronger), leave the pub and head right along the main road until you leave the village.
  • A short while after passing the last house, you’ll see a footpath sign on your right; take the footpath and follow it to the road where you’ll turn left and then right picking up another footpath.
  • Follow footpath signs through several fields until you reach another road where you’ll turn left – this is another stretch of the Fosse Way.
  • Continue along the road until you see a footpath sign on your right
  • Turn right into the field but after 100 yards turn left onto another footpath into another field.
  • As you cross into the next field head for the top left corner, but stay in the same field. Cross into another field and on exit, turn left following footpath signs.
  • After a short while bear right following the signs through a number of fields until you reach Glebe Farm.
  • Follow the footpath signs to leave the farm on a track which will take you to Frolesworth Road where you’ll turn left for 10-15 yards before turning right onto another footpath.
  • Follow this footpath to the church and bear left back to Station Road, Broughton Astley.
  • Turn right and right again into the White Horse car park.

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