South West Coast Path – Part 8 – Day 1

Bovisand Fort, SWCP Part 8 Day 1
View from the path of Bovisand Fort. South West Coast Path, Part 8 Day 1

Saturday May 21st, 2022 – Plymstock to Yealm Crossing (and a bit more perhaps)

It’ll be an early start for me this morning as I set off from home for the first of 9 walking days. This year, I’m walking the stretch from Plymouth to Sidmouth. Today’s walk is around 10 miles as I start from the Plymstock side of the River Plym. I hope to get to Yealm in time to make the last ferry which I think will be around 4pm


Distance: Approximately 12-14 miles; Easy to Moderate.

11:00-13:15 – Start at Plymstock – on the East side of the bridge to Plymouth
13:15-13:45 – Bovisand Bay for Coffee and Cake
13:45-15:30 – Bovisand Bay to Yealm River Crossing, Wembury
15:30-16:00 – Ferry crossing to Blackstone Point or Stoke Point
16:00-17:00 – Walk back inland to The Ship Inn, Noss Mayo for tea

Today’s walk will depend on progress. The aim will be to make the Yealm Crossing by 4pm for the last ferry. Assuming we do and that the mood allows, we’ll press on for a few more miles to Blackstone Point or Stoke Point before heading inland to Noss Mayo for some tea. The reason for this is that tomorrow’s walk is time bound by the tides. We need to make it to the River Erme at low tide (which I believe to be around 11am), otherwise there’s up to a 10 mile detour to get across. Making a few more miles today will be appreciated tomorrow.

Route Map

You can find the highlights and more information on this route on The South West Coast Path website

Timings for this walk are approximate and may change if we’re delayed on our journey down. However, if you’re interested in joining for all or any part of this walk, please contact me beforehand so that we can keep in touch.

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