South West Coast Path – Part 9 – Day 3

Friday, May 12th, 2023 – Babbacombe to Exmouth


Approximately 14.5 miles – Strenuous to Easy

I caught the bus to Babbacombe where I left off yesterday and set off on Day 3 of my trek along the South West Coast Path. It was a bit of a grey start to the day, but brightened up later to become a really nice afternoon.

The route is very hilly to begin with, but calms down in the middle. I was lucky to catch a ferry across from Shaldon to Teignmouth just as it was about to leave. The rest of the walk is relatively flat as much of it follows one side or the other of the railway lines.

Dawlish Warren holds a particular memory for me. At the very last minute one weekend, I set off with my two youngest children and headed for Devon. The reason being that there was a ‘once in a lifetime’ total eclipse visible in the UK. A good friend of mine at the time was staying in a converted railway coach at Dawlish and had plenty of room to put us up too on the night before the eclipse. It was a really enjoyable evening as I recall.

Next day we set off and joined the queues of traffic heading for the eclipse centre and the ‘best places’ to view the spectacle. We made it into the region but sadly there was too much cloud for us to get the full effect. However we were sat in a beer garden at the right time and my kids thought it amazing that we were suddenly thrown into darkness in the middle of the day. Another thing I specifically remember was the birds. As the eclipse began they became excessively noisy as if they were concerned at the falling darkness and were calling their families home for safety. In the middle of the eclipse it suddenly went very silent as if the birds thought it was night time. Fascinating time!

After Dawlish Warren (and a stop for photographs just to prove that the converted railway carriages are still there) I pressed on toward the ferry crossing point for Exmouth. On this occasion I didn’t take the ferry across as it was easier to get back to Paignton from the Starcross side of the river.

Route Map of the coast path from Babbacombe to Exmouth
Route Map of the South West Coast Path from Babbacombe to Exmouth

As you probably know, this year I’m walking for charity and raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research. These have both touched my family severely over the years so I’d be so grateful if you’d be willing to support my fundraising efforts.

To donate to Alzheimer’s Society, please visit my Alzheimer’s Giving Page

To donate to Cancer Research please visit my Cancer Research Giving Page

You can find the highlights and more information on this route on The South West Coast Path website

Here are the photo’s from today’s walk.

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