South West Coast Path – Part 9 – Day 6

Monday, May 15th, 2023 – Sidmouth to Seaton


Approximately 10.5 miles – Challenging – Severe to Strenuous

The route today, although a moderate distance, really required a lot of effort. Over 2400 ft of climbing and, of course, what goes up must come down. There was a time I used to look forward to the downhill stretches but not so much now. Nonetheless, this was an absolutely fabulous stretch of the path with exceptional views along the coast.

The weather was wonderful too! And that’s always a great help when the walking is quite tough. So, I rode the roller coaster with a big smile and plenty of photo-stops. I took a short break for lunch at Branscombe and then pressed on through Beer to Seaton; arriving there around 5pm. And before you ask; yes – I did have a beer in Beer; it would be rude not too!

Route map of South West Coast Path from Sidmouth to Seaton. Also shows the elevations on the left hand side.
South West Coast Path – Sidmouth to Seaton. The elevations on the left give a good idea of what kind of walk I have today.

As you probably know, this year I’m walking for charity and raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research. These have both touched my family severely over the years so I’d be so grateful if you’d be willing to support my fundraising efforts.

To donate to Alzheimer’s Society, please visit my Alzheimer’s Giving Page

To donate to Cancer Research please visit my Cancer Research Giving Page

You can find the highlights and more information on this route on The South West Coast Path website

Here are the photo’s from today’s walk.

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