South West Coast Path – Part 9 – Day 5

Sunday, May 14th, 2023 – Ladram Bay to Sidmouth


Approximately 2.5 miles – Moderate

Today’s walk was kept very short to give me the opportunity for a trip down memory lane. Some years ago – around 1980 or maybe 1981 – I worked as an AA Patrol serving the West London Postal districts. During summer months, West London tended to be a little quieter than normal and at the same time the South West became very busy because of holiday-makers. To level out the work-force, patrols were ‘seconded’ from London to the South West to help with the seasonal workload. I was one of those fortunate enough to be given this opportunity.

I was based at Honiton and hosted in a B&B in Sidmouth for around 8 weeks. As a young, single man, I had the time of my life! Sure it was busy but as a London-dwelling country boy (at heart), spending the summer driving these wonderful roads in this beautiful countryside was like a dream come true. I had a great time and met some wonderful people including the wonderful Tony Perram who became a very good friend. Definitely marked in my memory as one of the best summers ever!

So today, I set out on a beautiful walk – a really long steep climb to begin with but then a steady climb followed by a steady descent into Sidmouth. Here I would spend a great deal of time reminiscing and comparing the current Sidmouth with the one I remember from over 40 years ago. Changed? Yes, but thankfully not so much and Sidmouth retains much of the character that made me fall in love with it so many years ago. A truly joyful day.

Map of the South West Coast Path from Ladram Bay to Sidmouth
South West Coast Path – Ladram Bay to Sidmouth

As you probably know, this year I’m walking for charity and raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research. These have both touched my family severely over the years so I’d be so grateful if you’d be willing to support my fundraising efforts.

To donate to Alzheimer’s Society, please visit my Alzheimer’s Giving Page

To donate to Cancer Research please visit my Cancer Research Giving Page

You can find the highlights and more information on this route on The South West Coast Path website

Here are the photo’s from today’s walk.

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