South West Coast Path – Part 9 – Day 7

Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 – Seaton to Charmouth


Approximately 11 miles – Moderate

The next stretch suggested on the South West Coast Path website would be from Seaton to Seatown which it describes as 14.1 miles ‘moderate’ to ‘moderate’. However when I plotted the route myself, I felt that it looked much tougher – more like 16 miles and ‘Strenuous’ to ‘Severe’. I calculated a total climb in excess of 3200 feet too. Not wishing to take on too much on any one day – after all I want to enjoy the walk – I decided to shorten today’s trek and finish at Charnmouth.

Once again, the weather was fabulous throughout the day. I started the day with a drive to Seaton where I parked my car and set off on ‘The Path’. About 2-3 miles out of Seaton, the route enters some forestry above Downlands Cliffs. The entry point is marked by a sign warning that it takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours to reach Lyme Regis and that there is no access to the coast or inland. So if you start, you have to get there. I had lunch with me and plenty of water so on I pressed.

And I’m so glad I did. This was one of the most wonderful parts of the path – so different to all the other scenery that I felt I’d been whisked into another world. It was a beautiful well marked path through dense forestry. With the sunshine continually breaking through the beautiful trees and birdsong for company I really felt I had entered a dream. Somebody I met along the way said they expected to find fairies dancing away in the next clearing. I guess my imagination is slightly different; I expected to see a huge concrete ball chasing me through the jungle Indiana Jones style.

I have to put this stretch down amongst my favourites largely because it is so different and a refreshing change. It was somewhat reminiscent of the first few miles leaving Minehead 9 years ago; another of my ‘favourites’.

Shortly after leaving the forest I arrived in Lyme Regis where I stopped for the traditional afternoon tea before pressing on to Charnmouth. Overall, a wonderful and enjoyable day on ‘The Path’.

South West Coast Path Route map from Seaton to Charmouth
South West Coast Path – Seaton to Charmouth

As you probably know, this year I’m walking for charity and raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research. These have both touched my family severely over the years so I’d be so grateful if you’d be willing to support my fundraising efforts.

To donate to Alzheimer’s Society, please visit my Alzheimer’s Giving Page

To donate to Cancer Research please visit my Cancer Research Giving Page

You can find the highlights and more information on this route on The South West Coast Path website

Here are the photo’s from today’s walk.

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