To Walk or not To Walk – that is the question!

Because of the lockdown, I got the impression that going for a walk was ok as long as it’s near your home. However, I recently found out that it’s ok to drive into the countryside to go for a walk as long as you spend more time walking than driving.

The average stretch of each walk is 12 miles – that is about 4-5 hours walking so it should be ok for me to carry on with my walks. As I now have even more days off, and even less to do due to lockdown, I’m tempted to continue walking the Leicestershire Round in pub walks. Of course, it won’t be the same as you won’t be able to join me (unless you live in my household) and I won’t have the pub meal to look forward to at the end. I’d have to replace my coffee stop with a flask and a pack-up, and replace the bar meal with a takeaway but I could cope with that.

So what do you think? Should I carry on with the walks so that I can record them and publish the routes for you to enjoy? or should I wait so that I can do them the way I originally intended and review the pub as well as the walk?

Comment below or message me by whatever means you like. If you have a minute, please also share this page or link on your own social media so that I can build a folowing.

Many thanks


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